Spa Rhein JY8808 Come With Eight Deep Seats Ideal For Big Family Party

2130X2130X880mm JOYSPA® - Premium Swim spa, Hot Tubs & Portable Spas

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  • Item No.:

  • Shipping Port:

    Shenzheng/FCL, Huangpu/LCL
  • Color:

    Silver white marble Oceanwave White pearlescent
  • Lead Time:

    20-25Days/1x20'gp, 25-29Days/1x40'hc
  • Payment:

    L/C; 30% Deposit T/T,70% Balance T/T; DDP
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Contoured seating distinguishes our JY8808 spa as truly hydrotherapeutic hot tub.Up to 7 seating is suited to party.A total of 52 jets providesoothing massage in each of 7 ergonomic seats,each equipped with a comfort pillow for maximum relaxation.Seats in different depth suitable to lady and man in different stature.


CE approved hot tub


Key features

Size : 2130*2130*880mm  

1 X Lockable spa thermo cover
8 X Seats 
1 X 2 steps plastic stair
1 X Acrylic tub with fiberglass reinforcement
1 X  Fiberglass base 
1 X 304 Stainless steel frame
1 X  High density foam insulation on the shell
2 X 2HP High performance massage pumps
  1 X 400W Blower + 12 air jets + 1 X aromatherapy
1 X 0.5HP circulation pump
1 X  304 two tone stainless steel spa jet
 38 X Plastic black water jets: 7 X 5" jets, 3 X 4" jets,3 X 3.5" jets, 18 X 2.5" jets,9 X 1"jet
  1 X USA balboa spa control GS523+VL801D 
1 X Smart spa control with LCD panel
1 X P23B32 spa control+PB553 panel
1 X 3Kw Heater
1 X Canadian Gecko spa control
 1 X 5" Underwater LED light
1X Rising dragon perimeter LED lights (17pcs)
1 X Ozone with ozone mixer
1 X DVD player + 2 X cabinet speakers
1 X Synthetic cabinet  
  1 X DVD player + 2 X pop-up speakers
2 X Height adjustable pillows,1 X Flat pillow
 1 X  Spa bag
1 X Filter with cartridge
  1 X Rising dragon brand spa cover lifter 
1 X Drain
 1 X 17" TV  
1 X Drain valve
1 X Skirt panel insulation   
1 X Waterfall  2 X Upgraded 3HP  massage pumps  
Loading capacity : 6pcs / 20'GP,13pcs / 40'HC
 1 X 15W 9000hrs 304 SS UV disinfector PP-I



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Upgraded standard spa control

1 X  P23B32 Smart spa control box

 1 X PB553 LCD top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater

Standard spa control 2

1 X  P13B53 Smart spa control box

 1 X PB554 LCD top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater

Standard spa control 1

1 X  P13B53 Smart spa control box

 1 X PB557 LCD top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater




USA Balboa spa control

 1 X  GS523 spa control box 

1 X  VL801D top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater 

USA Balboa spa control

 1 X  BP6013G2  spa control box 

1 X  T800 top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater 

Canadian GECKO spa control

 1 X IN.YE spa control box 

1 X IN.K800  top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater


Spa crylic 


Synthetic spa cabinet

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