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Every part you see—and even those you don’t—is important to the overall value of your investment. When buying a hot tub, consider the quality of the materials, dimensions and seating options, and entertainment features, as well as the warranty.


Quantity does not always equal quality; balancing jets and airflow to the number of pumps and the amount of power is critical.

If massage is your priority, don’t stop at back jets; there are also jets for the legs, feet, hands, and neck.

Look for adjustable jets to fully personalize your massage. JOYSPA Hot Tub jets are adjustable and deliver Aqualibrium®—the ideal mix of water and air—that can be as gentle or vigorous as you prefer.


Designed for reliability, every part you see—and even those you don’t—is exceptionally engineered with the best materials to ensure a superior product.

Find a durable, acrylic shell that is stain and scratch resistant.

Research long-lasting cabinetry, such as synthetic wood, that is UV-resistant to withstand weather and stay beautiful longer.

Look for an intuitive control system that is easy to use, even in the dark.


Sparkling clean water is a priority for all hot tub owners—and choosing a hot tub with excellent filtration can keep maintenance to a minimum.

Explore more sophisticated systems with multiple levels of filtration that greatly reduce the amount of time required to keep water fresh and clean.

Look for hot tubs that use technology to simplify water care. For example, the JOYSPA Hot Tub water management system is designed for ease of use and exceptional performance, making it simple to maintain clean, clear water.


Portable hot tubs are versatile when it comes to placement, whether you vault it into the ground, build a deck surround or place it on a patio. Thanks to advanced filtration and cover options, they’re easy to maintain, and they typically have comfortable, versatile options for seating and jets.

In-ground hot tubs are flexible regarding shape and size, and can seamlessly blend into your landscaping.These hot tubs typically offer bench seating and a single back and/or calf jet, and need to be heated as used.


To determine what size hot tub you need, consider how many people you want to seat, for what purpose you’re using it, and the area in which you are placing your hot tub. Keep in mind that seating capacity does not always determine outer dimensions; moving up to a hot tub that seats more may only change the exterior dimensions by a few inches while giving you a lot more room inside your hot tub.


Often, your seating configuration determines how frequently you use your hot tub. It’s that important.

A large hot tub provides an oasis for family and friends. The larger the tub, the more options you’ll have for both open seating and targeted hydromassage in one.

Lounge seats and therapy seats are made for relaxation; loveseats are perfect for two. Cool-down seats sit higher above the water line and are great for children or taking a break from the warm water.


Your hot tub cover is an important step in water care, keeping debris from the water, helping to maintain heat and adding an aspect of safety when your hot tub is not in use. Make sure the cover is designed specifically for your model; the more tightly it fits, the better it will shield your hot tub from the elements.

Quarterly Hot Tub Maintenance Cleaning Checklist:

Start draining. Be mindful to drain into a drain or all the way out to the street. Do not flood the yard, house, gardens, etc

Remove filters and spray down with high pressure nozzle.

Soak filters with filter cleaner and let soak until the end.

Remove headrests and wipe them down.

Remove skimmer shield and spray down debris attachment with filter cleaner.

Once empty, vacuum out any remaining water or debris.

Wipe out any water line with Off The Wall cleaner

Once water line is clean, apply Fast a Gloss to all of the acrylic

Spray down shell and vacuum out dirty water. Repeat at least 3 times until no residual cleaners are left behind.

Spray down bottom and top of cover, steps, and cabinet

Start refilling spa.

While refilling, clean cover, headrests, cabinet, and steps with a Cover Care and Conditioner or 303 Protectant. Cover may require multiple applications for it to look nice. Be sure to clean off bottom of cover with as well (use bleach and water if necessary)

Refer to you quarterly hot tub maintenance startup instructions for your water care system

Wipe everything down with clean dry towels so as not to leave behind water spots or streaks

One refilled, spray out filters and debris attachment until everything is 100% free of residual cleaner.

Reinstall headrests, filters, a new mineral cartridge, and skimmer shield with debris attachment

Do one last wipe down making sure everything looks as good as new as possible.

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