Vision of JOYSPA is to offer the most value and excellent design in the spa and swim spa industry to our partner and end user,and help our partner to be successful in the spa business.

Bringing all our knowledge and experience to bear,the innovative minds of us have created unique lines of spa and swim spa specifically designed for you.Created with over 16 years' experience,a commitment to the highest quality,and impeccable craftesmanship,JOYSPA delivers design and value,satisfying your every need.All the design of products are made in CAD,Rhinoceros etc. softwares,plus the creative work of experienced craftsman with numerous inspiration.

Design details

USA ARISTECH spa acrylic

Our acrylic shell is a durable shell is a durable,hand-sculpted shell with our lifetime fiberglass backing.JOYSPA hot tubs proudly offers cast acrylic shells with antimicrobial protection in the spas.Tested safe and registered with the EPA,ARISTECH penetrates and disrupts key cell funtions of microorganisms.Although spa owners should still follow a regular maintenance programe,JOYSPA's ARISTECH acrylic shell inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause oder and stain between cleanings.Optional chiese spa acrylic is also available with competitive price.

Different type and size stainless steel jets:

High strength FRP base and SS304 support:

3-5cm foam insulation and preservative-treated timber:

Long lasting PVC skirt:

Pressure treatment is a process that forces preservatives into the wood.The preservatives help protect the wood from attack by termites,other insects,and fungal decay.This heavy-duty frame is perfect for extreme outdoor conditions,protecting the wood from wear,elements,and fungus.

Optional color for spa covert:


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