couple spa tub JY8095 With Compact Size For Small Space Like Apartment

2100X1050X770mm When your client don't have big garden or spacious room in his house,how can he enjoy the spa? There is one solution for couple spa tub here!

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 When your client don't have big garden or spacious room in his house,how can he enjoy the spa? There is one solution here! It is 2 person compact hot tub,small indoor hot tub,couple spa tub!We launched a new compact spa/hot tub in size of 1050*2100*770mm,which is specially suitable for small space, contact us for more info.


                        Key features                             

Size : 2100*1050*770mm  

1 X Lockable spa thermo cover
2 X Seats
1 X 2 steps plastic stair
1 X Acrylic tub with fiberglass reinforcement
1 X  Fiberglass base 
1 X 304 Stainless steel frame
1 X  High density foam insulation on the shell
1 X 2HP 2 Speed High performance massage pump
  1 X 400W Blower + 8 air jets + 1 X aromatherapy

1 X  304 two tone stainless steel spa jet
 15 X Plastic black water jets:  3 X 4" jets,8 X 3.5" jets,4 X 1"jet
  1 X USA balboa spa control GS523+VL801D 
1 X Smart spa control with LCD panel
1 X P23B32 spa control+PB553 panel
1 X 3Kw Heater
1 X Canadian Gecko spa control
 1 X 5" Underwater LED light
1X Rising dragon perimeter LED lights (8pcs)
1 X Ozone with ozone mixer
1 X DVD player + 2 X cabinet speakers
1 X Synthetic cabinet  
 1 X  Spa bag
2 X Height adjustable pillows 
  1 X Rising dragon brand spa cover lifter 
1 X Filter with cartridge
 1 X 17" TV  
1 X Drain
1 X Skirt panel insulation   
1 X Drain valve
 1 X Upgraded 3HP  massage pumps  
1 X Waterfall   1 X 15W 9000hrs 304 SS UV disinfector PP-I   
Loading capacity : 15 pcs / 20'GP,30 pcs / 40'HC



hot tubs

hot tubs

Hot tub / Spa /Jacuzzi Shell Material:Self-supporting & durable shell, Acrylic & hand-rolled fiberglass, Impact Resistant , two times stronger than conventional fiberglass shells,A large variety of acrylic colors and textures.Vacuum molded of high-quality.

Hot tub / Spa /Jacuzzi Exterior Skirting Material:Eco-Smart,Synthetic Cabinet Skirting Material,Durable Maintenance Free Cabinet,Molded, UV protected

Hot tub / Spa /Jacuzzi Insulation Material: Polyurethane, high density sprayed perimeter Heat Lock

Hot tub / Spa /Jacuzzi Jets:Interchangeable Stainless steel jets, Separate control for each; Neck and shoulder jets on most models,Volume System designed to be arthritis friendly,Therapy Jets w/ Water & Air Volume Controls,Massage in motion feature with the Dynamic Massage Sequencer

Hot tub / Spa /Jacuzzi Options:Lockable spa thermo cover,Plastic stair,USA balboa control GS523+VL801D,Upgraded P23B32 control+PB553 panel,Canadian Gecko control,Perimeter LED lights,DVD player with 2 cabinet speakers,Spa bag,Spa cover lifter,17" TV,Skirt panel insulation,3HP Upgraded massage pump,Maintainance gate valves for pumps,15W9000hrs 304SS UV disinfector PP-I .











Upgraded standard spa control

1 X  P23B32 Smart spa control box

 1 X PB553 LCD top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater

Standard spa control 2

1 X  P13B53 Smart spa control box

 1 X PB554 LCD top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater

Standard spa control 1

1 X  P13B53 Smart spa control box

 1 X PB557 LCD top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater




USA Balboa spa control

 1 X  GS523 spa control box 

1 X  VL801D top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater 

USA Balboa spa control

 1 X  BP6013G2  spa control box 

1 X  T800 top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater 

Canadian GECKO spa control

 1 X IN.YE spa control box 

1 X IN.K800  top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater


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