Swim Spa Yangtze JY8802 For 2 to 5 Person

5700X2240X1520mm 5 person swim spa hot tub

  • Product Origin:

  • Item No.:

  • Shipping Port:

    Shenzheng/FCL, Huangpu/LCL
  • Color:

    Silver white marble Oceanwave White pearlescent
  • Lead Time:

    20-25Days/1x20'gp, 25-29Days/1x40'hc
  • Payment:

    L/C; 30% Deposit T/T,70% Balance T/T; DDP
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Extreme long  swim side with anti-slide floor,powerfull swim jets offer water flow for swimming,real deep seat design with different jet arrangement ,neck and shoulder massage jet arrangement,Side steps for easy get in and get out from the middle are the main features of the swim spa.


TEL approved UL approved lazy hot swim spa


Key features

Size : 5700*2240*1520mm 

1 X Lockable spa thermo cover
1 X Swim area, 4 X Seats +  1X lounger
1 X 3 steps plastic stair
1 X Acrylic tub with fiberglass reinforcement
1 X  Fiberglass base 
1 X 40*40MM Galvanized steel frame
1 X  High density foam insulation on the shell
2 X 3HP High performance swim jet pumps,1 X 2HP High performance massage pump
1 X  304 two tone stainless steel spa jet 
2 X 0.5HP circulation pump
  1 X USA balboa spa control GS523+VL801D 
  47 X Plastic black water jets: 5 X 5" swim  jets, 22 X 4" jets, 8 X 3.5" jets,8 X 2.5" jets,4 X 1"jet
1 X P23B32 spa control+PB553 panel
1 X Smart spa control with LCD panel
1 X Canadian Gecko spa control
1 X 3Kw Heater
1X Rising dragon perimeter LED lights (39pcs)
15" Underwater LED light
1 X DVD player + 2 X cabinet speakers
1 X Ozone with ozone mixer
  1 X DVD player + 2 X pop-up speakers
1 X Synthetic cabinet  
 1 X  Swim spa bag
1 X Height adjustable pillow,1 X Neck pillow
 1 X Skirt 17" TV    
1 X Filter with cartridge
1 X Skirt panel insulation   
1 X Drain
 1 X 15W 9000hrs 304 SS UV disinfector PP-I
1X Drain valve
7 X Maintainance gate valves for pumps 
1 X Waterfall  1 X 304 SS Swimming hand rail
Loading capacity : 1pc / 20'GP+some spas,2pcs / 40'HC+some spas
 1 X 3HP Upgraed massage pump














Upgraded standard spa control

1 X  P23B32 Smart spa control box

 1 X PB553 LCD top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater

Standard spa control 2

1 X  P13B53 Smart spa control box

 1 X PB554 LCD top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater

Standard spa control 1

1 X  P13B53 Smart spa control box

 1 X PB557 LCD top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater




USA Balboa spa control

 1 X  GS523 spa control box 

1 X  VL801D top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater 

USA Balboa spa control

 1 X  BP6013G2  spa control box 

1 X  T800 top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater 

Canadian GECKO spa control

 1 X IN.YE spa control box 

1 X IN.K800  top panel

1 X 3Kw Heater


Spa crylic 


Synthetic spa cabinet

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